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Delicious, artisanal, no preservatives, no sugar, all vegan chilli hot sauces. 

About Pauly

Being of Mediterranean descent, Pauly has always had a passion for food. The benefit of having being born and bred Portuguese in SA, added to his love for chilli sauce and he always experimented with different chillies and methods, like cooking and pickling. During lockdown, he followed Shaun, AKA Chili Chump, on YouTube and he loved the fermentation process and gave it a bash. He started off by buying Kilner 3Litre fermentation jars and from the first one, his sauces was a hit!

Pauly's Sauces

Pauly's main ingredients in his sauces are Bird’s Eye, Habaneros, garlic, salt and his secret mix of herbs. He blends all the ingredients into a mash (no brine), with copious amounts of garlic and ferments it for 4 to 6 weeks. He then processes it and adds his red wine vinegar. The pulp is also used as a paste, which he includes or he adds extra red wine vinegar and makes a sauce from it.

Pauly's most popular sauce so far is the Chocolate Habanero sauce which also has Bird’s eye, a few cayenne chilies from his garden and a hand full of White Fatalii. Other sauces that Pauly makes are Pineapple Habanero, Red Habanero and a superhot mix (Reapers, Ghost and Chocolate Scorpion).

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All Pauly's sauces are artisanal and made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives, no sugar and all vegan. Pauly procures, prepares, ferments, and process all by himself.

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Pauly's Hot Sauce

Delicious, artisanal, all vegan chilli hot sauces.

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Pauly's Hot Sauces

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